Inspiration: Think.Make.Share.

I found the perfect blog for me! It’s a blog from the creative studios at Hallmark called Think.Make.Share. I’ve spent hours looking over every single section/link and it is honestly my dream come true! There are so many things I want to make from there. I’m making a list so that I remember:

More to come!




I really love all things DIY and I keep finding inspiration for them. These are some of my favorites.

  • Hallmark has a wonderful blog called Think.Make.Share. I want to do everything on here! I will be reading this blog all the time.
  • Oh so beautiful paper has a DIY section that’s perfect for papercrafts.
  • Babble has a DIY section that’s geared towards parents but great for gifts.
  • The Creative Independent has amazing guides on balancing daily life and creating.

A creative hobby that ties together the things I love–writing, drawing, sharing, and having an opinion–is zines!!! I had heard about them before. Now is the time to make one! Here are some resources I’ve gathered about making zines:

Excited to embark on my zine adventure!

We opened shop!

I haven’t been writing or reading as much lately because…


I started my own business!!!! I want to sell the things I love and create a literal brand (lol), and I’m starting with something portable and compact, which is greeting cards! You can see them here. Eventually I hope to collaborate with other creators and expand to other gift items. I’m inspired by book covers, plants, nature, kpop teasers, music videos, and basically all the nerdy things I love.

Yes, it’s true. I’m slowly fulfilling my bucket list.

  • write & illustrate a comic book
  • work and live in NYC
  • open my own shop
  • go to a salt mine
  • have my own art studio
  • learn to play an instrument
  • be a publicist
  • go to book meetups

It’s been a lot of work and a great experience opening my business. I’ve done the following for the 1st time for Lu and Light:

  • write product descriptions
  • set prices
  • run sales
  • graphic design! (this has been my fav)
  • make social media posts
  • make an elevator pitch

It’s really been a fun experience and I’m excited to see how my business will grow.

*chef’s kiss*


Survival tactics #1

My father could pelt me with shards of glass, for all I cared. Nothing was going to get to me that day. Soon I’d be at Rebecca’s house where I’d be treated like a queen. – Eileen by Ottessa Moshfegh

Written by one of my favorite writers, this quote describes how I’ve survived nearly 30 years under my parents. I always told myself that one day, I would be living a good life and they would not be able to touch me.

At school, when I was teaching and being nearly abused in the classroom, I told myself that one day, this was going to be in the past, and I would never have to see this student again.

Whether it is healthy or not, this tactic of looking forward to a day when these people are not in my life anymore has carried me to this day. I’m not ashamed to say that when I really didn’t have to see these people or students anymore, I was happy. Overjoyed. Relieved.

I do wish I was treated like a queen. But as of now, I am just so glad that my life is not constantly stressful. Perhaps one day I will be treated like a queen.

There I go again looking forward.

My inspirations

Classroom Lessons from Mom – Kindergarten Smorgasboard

I love Mr. Greg and he’s become my latest role model in teaching. I love his philosophy and it’s so encouraging to see a teacher being fearless in teaching, esepcially since he is not the typical kindergarten teacher. (I also feel that I am not the typical kinder teacher, so it’s extra encouraging to me.) Thank you for opening your classroom and teaching to the world, Mr. Greg.

Gemini – 태연

I love Taeyeon’s singing! I love her evolution as a singer and I’ve always been inspired by her somehow, whether it’s cutting my hair short or being more open and taking chances. Thank you for singing so truthfully and continuing to change and mature.

Bao – Domee Shi

I looooove Chinese bakeries and baos! And I love how Domee Shi has stuck to her “weird idea” and shown the world something that means a lot to her. I love certain aspects of Chinese-American culture and I think this is a perfect example of it. I also love Grace Lin’s work.

10 favorite books – Ottessa Moshfegh

Wow she is such a fascinating writer! I only heard about her lately and I can’t wait to read her work. Ottessa Moshfegh is such a beautiful name. I love the way she compliments other authors in this article.

My inspirations, pt. 1

I’m inspired by many things and to start with, these are 2 people and 1 source of inspiration for me! To be continued.

Image result for grace lin
Grace Lin – She is an author, illustrator, and all around excellent book maker! She makes books and really creative and relatable stories for someone like me. I will read anything she writes and share them with my students as well.
Image result for rapunzel painting in her tower
Rapunzel because she is super creative – she draws, paints, reads, bakes, cleans, stretches – basically she is my role model.
Image result for cookat
Cookat – I love recipes and food and it is my dream one day to make all the things I want to eat.