Pneumonia books

These are my pneumonia books <3.

Why?? Because I read them when I had pneumonia. I have to say the best part about being sick is that it gives me an excuse to stay in bed and read <3. I don’t think I am better than anyone for reading– it is really the same thing as watching Netflix episode after episode. I love stories and books!

I looooved Love & Gelato by Jenna Evans Welch. It was so much fun! A travel, romance, and YA book all rolled into one. It was exactly the kind of story I needed when my life is falling apart and I feel physically horrible. It’s a romance story set in Italy!!!!! One day I am going to Italy to eat gelato and magherita pizzas. A bonus would be going there with a boyfriend who loves gelatos as much.

I had so much fun reading Your Own Worst Enemy by Jack Gordon! Have you ever read a book that feels like a hidden gem and you’re in on the secret for having read it? This is the book. It was so timely, aware, and accurate about high school life that only someone who is in that world could have written yet. Indeed, Gordon Jack works in a high school! Given the current political climate, I think we need this book to be able to laugh about it and see how ridiculous it all is. I loved all three candidates and I think Stacy Winn, Julia Romero, and Tony Guo are some of the most well-developed characters I’ve read in YA. I love fantasy but I’m a realistic fiction fan at core.

I have to read every Kate DiCamillo book and the latest one is Louisiana’s Way Home. It’s been said that her books are too sad for children but I think they are so hopeful. Things are awful and you get abandoned, but the universe does have a safety net for you. That is really all one needs to know when life is falling apart. I’m the biggest Kate and Louisiana fan <3.

I DNF The Round House or Commonwealth. Frankly I was going through pretty bad stuff at the time and could not handle heavy books. I will get around to reading these, someday! Louise Erdrich and Ann Patchett are kind of contemporary literary queens so I do want to get into them.

What are your sick day books?


Love of Raymie Nightingale

img_0458This book holds a special place in my heart. Of the books I’ve read this past month Raymie Nightingale is my favorite. It is my type of book for the following reasons:

1. I love Kate DiCamillo’s writing. I like simple but unique prose.

2. I read novels, fiction, and mostly middle grade books. Middle grade books just appeal to me the most.

3. I love the characters in this book. Raymie, Louisiana, and Beverly were such a treat.

4. I’m introspective and I loved this book’s theme about struggling with yourself and finding a way out of it.

I related to Raymie. She wants her dad back and she can feel her soul shrinking and expanding. Sometimes things are just the way they are– unfortunate. Whether you are a kid or an adult, people will fail you. Although, I can imagine how much more disappointing it would be as a kid to learn that adults are flawed.

Speaking of adults, the adults in this novel were wacky but fun to read.

DiCamillo did a great job of touching upon some serious themes in a gentle way. Raymie dealt with her dad running away with a dental hygienist, while Louisiana and her grandma were hiding from CPS or foster care. Beverly’s parents were a former beauty queen and a New York City cop. Even though it is unlikely that three unfortunate girls would meet and become friends, I loved that the book brought them together. From my description you would think that their lives are a drag to read but DiCamillo wrote them in such a charming way. Their misfortunes did not define them and perhaps that is the message of the story.


My favorite authors are Kate DiCamillo, Shannon Hale, and Grace Lin. I have read like ALL of their books!!!!!! and I would love to read them again.

Where Are You Going, Baby Lincoln? – I loved this book because I feel like Baby Lincoln 🙂 When I am an old lady I might go on a train and get lost as well. The kids she meets in this book are so adorable.

Francine Poulet Meets the Ghost Raccoon – DiCamillo is a master because she can create the most realistic yet cartoonish characters. How does she come up with Francine Poulet? It is so much fun! This series is like a comic book in a chapter book.

Real Friends – I looooove this book ❤ Shannon Hale is my favorite author and probably person if I knew her in real life. I love the story and illustrations. Baby Shannon 😥 I just want to be popular even though I wear glasses and am nerdy.

Fortune Cookie Fortunes – I love Grace Lin’s picture books, early readers, chapter books, and novels. Everything she writes and draws. I loved this book because it encouraged me in a lot of ways to stay positive.

Bringing in the New Year – Grace Lin does a good job of showing Chinese traditions like Moon Festival and New Year. I think the best thing about it is that they’re all based on her family and her childhood.

Liars rescue best friends

Liar & Spy – I loved this book! However, I think I prefer Stead’s other books. This one is also a mystery and characters are preteens in NYC. I think the theme in her books is that everyone has secrets, and ordinary lives are not what they seem.

The True Blue Scouts of Sugar Man Swamp – Kathi Appelt’s forte is animal stories and dialects. She did a good job here and the raccoon brothers were cute! It would be a great study of personification.

Bink & Gollie: Best Friends Forever – The format of this book is like a mix of comics, early readers, and picture book. Best friends are silly, they sometimes don’t make sense, and that is all perfectly okay because they are best friends ❤

Mercy Watson to the Rescue – I love DiCamillo and when I found out she wrote a series about a pig I definitely had to read it. It was strange and I think if I had read it when I was 8 years old I would love it. Piggies forever!

All the Light We Cannot See – I don’t read very many adult novels but made an exception for this one because the reviews were amazing. I found it hard to get through the book because it was so descriptive, and I’m not sure what the action was. However, it is obviously a well thought out book and there are many examples of human strength in Doerr’s WWII story.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane by Kate DiCamillo


I loved this book. I read it when I should have been sleeping one night. I got into Kate DiCamillo books in May and wanted to read all of her novels. I saw this one on the shelf and I thought that it was a picture book, so I didn’t pick it up. However, I am so so glad I did. What a heartbreaking story. Edward, the proud bunny, went through what no one (or bunny) should have gone through. A seaside couple, a traveling hobo, a sick boy and girl became his owners. However, he was separated and hurt from them each time. It seemed that Edward should have died because the heartbreak was too much, but he didn’t. He was reunited with the girl who was his original owner.

It is a lovely story!