Living in a dream all day

The Girl Who Drank the Moon – I finally read this! It reminds me of Adam Gidwitz and Grace Lin’s fairy tale journeys too. However, I didn’t find it as engaging as the other ones. I think I like fairy tales with a lot of interesting side characters and more realistic place setting. It reminds me of Shannon Hale too. Fairy tales forever!

The Problem with Being Slightly Heroic – It’s a Bollywood movie for kids in book form. I really liked it! Uma is a cozy writer.

26 Fairmount Avenue – I didn’t know that Tomie DePaola wrote chapter books too. This was a fun look into his childhood. I love biographies too!

The Color of Heaven– This is the conclusion of the manga trilogy. I liked it but I didn’t love it. It ends with Ehwa and her mom both getting married which was lovely. However it wasn’t so different from the first two books.

What the Moon Saw – I loved this book! It’s a hidden gem. It is kind of like Becoming Naomi Leon but a more teenage version. It really made you feel like you are with Clara Luna in a village in Mexico and it is a wonderful book. I recommend it.

Brown Girl Dreaming– Jacqueline Woodson is such a good writer! I will have to read more of her books. I love how she writes about her life and it’s so intimate and personal.

Picture this


The Princess in Black Takes a Vacation – The story is about how the Princess can’t relax on her vacation because her monster alarm keeps ringing. I can relate to it because I dream and think about work/school all the time!!

A Long Walk to Water – I like Linda Sue Park’s writing and this story was good because it’s about a part of history that is not familiar to me. It’s set in Sudan and intertwines two characters, Salva in the 1990s and Nya in 2008. All the hardships that they endured just to get to the next day is astounding. 😦 I’d like to read more survival stories.

The Color of Water – This is the second book in a trilogy. It’s about a young girl, Ehwa, growing into a young woman. In this book, she develops a crush and learns more about her body. I relate to it and I wonder how a man would feel reading this story.

California Dreaming – I read this book because I listen to Cass Elliot! I thought it was so cool that there was a graphic novel about her life. However, it is very sad too 😦 The ending! She had a hard life and the relationships within The Mamas and the Papas sound so messy and painful. 😦 Which makes the happy music they produce kind of forlorn now.

The grand scheme

A Wind in the Door – I loved this book because Charles Wallace is so brave. He takes every risk and travels to the tiniest space possible. It is a wonderful sequel to A Wrinkle in Time but I think I need to re-read it to get more sense out of it.

Everything I Never Told You – Celeste Ng is such a good writer!! One reviewer on Goodreads said “she knows so much about each of us.” The book is very intimate and a slow burn to a devastating end 😦 Sadly, it is the lives of ordinary people. I think that’s what makes it so depressing.

The Color of Earth – This is a manhwa about a young girl becoming a woman. It’s the first in a trilogy that (Spoiler Alert: ends in her getting married.) The scenery and symbolism is beautiful! It cannot have been easy becoming a woman in any era. It’s a clumsy process but also so relatable.

Breadcrumbs – This is a fairy tale that turns some stereotypes on its head. It’s like the Snow Queen, but the girl saves the boy and she is an adopted Indian American. This book is kind of a slow burn too and depressing because the adults don’t seem very supportive of the children at all! 😦

Wonderstruck – I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! It’s about Ben and Rose, who are both deaf and their stories . It’s like watching a movie on a paper. It is such a awesome, sad, and wonderful story. It takes us to the 1920s and 1970s and museums in New York. I want to see my life depicted in this format although it might be kind of boring 😛