Design trends #1

For my Etsy shop, I’ve been spotting trends and thinking of how to incorporate them into my greeting cards. I’m learning how to create each of these designs and these are the online source I’ve referred to:

  1. Galaxies
  2. Marble pattern
  3. Monstera leaf
  4. Watercolor
  5. Emojis
  6. Avocado
  7. Letterboard

There are so many great resources and tutorials online! Some other design trends/themes I’m interested in recreating are:

  • Gems and geostones
  • Fast food: burgers, tacos, pizza
  • Animals – ocean animals, woodland critters, pets!
  • Movies, such as Moonrise KingdomUp, with a lot theming
  • Activism & empowerment
  • People/diversity: action shots, tribal prints, body types
  • Daily life: electronics, social media, slang
  • Wildflowers and plants!
  • Cutie kablooies: combinations of all of those things!

It’s really exciting to create things! I love it.

Eiffel Tower


My new year’s resolution was to draw and color more. Here it is! I’m bad at watercolor. I will have to watch YouTube tutorials to find out how to do it properly. I love color pencils but I’m going to use crayon and watercolor so I get more comfortable with it.

Mudkip Airways

One of my goals this year is to get back into drawing. I have a lot of sketches that need to be colored in but I’ve never been great at coloring. I know there are coloring techniques like shading, cross hatching, and stippling. I would like to try them to add more variety to my drawings.

I will post my sketches on here, not because they are great but because I want to practice and keep myself accountable.