Weather Reminiscing

The hazy weather oddly reminds me a lot of school. When I was teaching, the transition from the excitement in August to a kind of serious feeling in September is so palpable. It gets windier, kids start bundling up, and I start to feel alarmed.

My first year of teaching at IHCS in Perris, I got in huge trouble around this time of the year. It was when students really started to misbehave, and one student accused me of pinching him. It was then that my life became hellish. My second year at Marguerita in Alhambra, the teachers I was assisting started getting terriorial and things got super chaotic with commuting and substituting around the school.

My third and last year of contract eaching is probably most bittersweet to me. I remember that September so clearly as the time when things started to change: when I was leaving right after the last bell because I was so exhausted, watching the kids at recess (and seeing them on the playground is somehow so memorable to me), and the sense of dread I felt at every staff meeting. I remember asking Shay for help and meeting Irene. Stopping by the pho place in Fullerton on my way back because I was exhausted and feeling like I could not keep going..

The weather also reminds me of living in Menifee by myself, and coming home and being too exhausted to do anything, including cooking and cleaning my apartment. I had felt so overwhelmed at school every single day; at the same time, the feeling that I was embarking on something new and living on my own was so special too — I will never forget the feeling of shopping at Ralph’s for myself, and walking to the mailbox get get my own mail, and simply feeling so indepedent even though miserable at work.

Last year, I started working at MEI-CHA around this time. I feel to be honest, strange about it. Any job I have from now on will feel like a piece of cake compared to what I experienced. This time of the year is strange and alarming to me and brings out the weirdest feelings.


I really love all things DIY and I keep finding inspiration for them. These are some of my favorites.

  • Hallmark has a wonderful blog called Think.Make.Share. I want to do everything on here! I will be reading this blog all the time.
  • Oh so beautiful paper has a DIY section that’s perfect for papercrafts.
  • Babble has a DIY section that’s geared towards parents but great for gifts.
  • The Creative Independent has amazing guides on balancing daily life and creating.

A creative hobby that ties together the things I love–writing, drawing, sharing, and having an opinion–is zines!!! I had heard about them before. Now is the time to make one! Here are some resources I’ve gathered about making zines:

Excited to embark on my zine adventure!

Frankly Frannie

Have you ever been obsessed with jobs?

I have, and so has Frannie. Frannie, professionally known as Mrs. Frankly B. Miller, is my alter ego. She has done so many jobs and I believe she is in third grade. Some of the things that Frannie has done include:

(Guest) principal, concert planner, conference staff, fortune teller, dogsitter, radio show host, waiter, and restaurant critic. I have not read the two books where she is a flower girl and fashion designer/model. My resume reads like Frannie’s because I have done a ton of unrelated jobs. Sometimes, I wonder if I am the only one who is more into the idea of working and having a job than the job itself. The things I am passionate about, such as reading and hobbies, have never been things that most people get paid to do. I’m also not supremely talented like the people who do get paid to do those things. Yet I still really love jobs, like Frannie.

There are so many things that Frannie likes that spoke to me, including:

  • She wants an office, office supplies and assistant
  • She has a resumé, business card, and briefcase
  • She loves words like certainly, however, nonetheless, and actually
  • She gets into trouble at work because she has busy hands and a big imagination
  • She has friends and sort-of friends who help her with her jobs
  • She’s a very jobbish and workerish sort of person

The thing is this series was written for young kids, like second graders!!! I didn’t think that there would be little kids who are jobbish, like me. I wish I had read this when I was a kid because I would have felt so seen. I’m a real life Frannie and I love jobs so much that I cannot have just one. Some of the jobs I am trying to qualify for include:

    Writer/editor – I would love to write for an online magazine like Rookie or Mochi.
    Publishing firm employee – I’m going to a publishing camp this summer!
    Crafter/illustrator – I’m currently working on my crafts.
    Shopkeeper/shop owner – I’m working on my Etsy shop.

Besides the jobs I have given myself (lol), I have done the following jobs too:

  • Retail associate @ Minamoto Kitchoan – This was a unique job that I really enjoyed, selling Japanese confectionery! I learned a lot about being detailed and meticulous.
  • Receptionist – I love transferring calls and being a general help (or pain) to people.
  • Elementary teacher – I did not love this job for many reasons. 😞🤢
  • Admin assistant – I love being a general pain/help to people!
  • Intern – I love assisting to be honest.

Oh!!! I forgot to add that I love writing emails! I hope in whatever job I have, I will get to write and answer a lot of emails and phone calls. I love old school communication. I think I would love working in a publishing firm because it’s a very office and communication type of job. In addition, I love work where you having a definite project and are producing something, such as a book, events, or house. I love all the details involved in bringing something to life and making it really polished. I also love taking care of people.

However, just like Frannie, I realized that the MOST most important part of any job is actually not the work itself but your sense of responsibility and making sure that you do right by your customers/people. This includes both the people who are paying you AND the people you are working with/for. The toughest part is making a judgment call based on not only facts but people’s feelings, urgency, and making sure that relationships are intact throughout the process. This is honestly NOT easy! It’s something that I am always working on. Nonetheless, I love jobs and hope to find one that I really love (with an office, assistant, and business card.)

What is the favorite job you’ve ever had?